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Brittany Hinz: 1993 Toyota Supra

Brittany Hinz  chose the 1993 Toyota Supra for many reasons. Surprisingly, seeing the car in a few "Fast and Furious" movies did not influence her decision, as it does for many. Though, with that being said, Hinz did want an iconic car that was able to hold its value and at the same time, a car that she could keep for as long as possible - a lifetime - if you will. With Supras, Hinz has noticed through the years of looking for the right one, that it only went up in value and became more sought after and harder to find as the years went by. It actually all started with a simple test drive in a 5-speed non-turbo (2JZ-GE w/ w58) around the outskirts of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. After ripping around a little bit, Hinz just fell in love with the spaceship-like design of the interior (wrapped around the driver), how smooth the transmission shifted, how reliable and easy to maintain it was, and how much power it could put down even just stock from factory.

Since purchase, Hinz mainly spent most of her time with repairs as it needed some TLC after previous ownerships, as well as maintaining it and a few modifications here and there when she could. She may not be on the same page as most tuner cars, "not saying it's a competition," states Hinz, but it's just a matter of time and money. She'll get there, eventually. We all have different budgets, different jobs and/or different situations that influence our purchases.

Hinz bought the Supra to hopefully be a life-long project. "I wanted something to occupy my time, something to work towards, and it sure did not fail to do so," mentions Hinz. "It has been a journey with this thing; I'm always learning new things with the help of family, friends, and not to mention, the late nights staying up with the help of the internet."

It's amazing how a car, or a group of cars can just bring people together the way it [Supra] does. Hinz will never regret the time or money spent on the RZ because she's met, and continues to meet, so many great, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable people. "It really is a great community and industry to be involved with," ends Hinz.

This is just the beginning. We all have to start somewhere. This is her kick-off!

Owner: Brittany Hinz
Location: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Vehicle: 1993 Toyota Supra
Horsepower: 300 whp (estimated)
Club: N/A

Facebook: Brittany Hinz
Instagram: @brittanyhinz

Photography by Jackson Campbell, Brittany Hinz, Andrew H Alvarez, Paul Intile.

Brittany Hinz 1993 Toyota Supra TBGLIVE 4


HKS Super Dragger 4-inch exhaust

Brittany Hinz 1993 Toyota Supra TBGLIVE 12

HKS turbo timer
Manual boost controller

V160 Getrag manual transmission

Brittany Hinz 1993 Toyota Supra TBGLIVE 6

Varrstoen es6 19x9.5 (f), 19x11 (r)
Continental DWS 245/35/19 (f), 285/30/19 (r)

MCA Suspension X-R Series coilovers

12.6-inch vented discs
USDM TT calipers

Brittany Hinz 1993 Toyota Supra TBGLIVE 2

RMM wing
RMM lip
TRD sideskirts
HID lights

Brittany Hinz 1993 Toyota Supra TBGLIVE 8

3M brushed steel and carbon fibre vinyl wrapped dash trim
ProSpec Imports PSI/AC stainless steel dials/face plates
MOMO OEM steering wheel 

JVC audio setup

2016 Tuner Battlegrounds Championship - Stage 1: Elimination (Seed No. 39)
HIN Seattle

Brittany Hinz 1993 Toyota Supra TBGLIVE 9

Interior trims and exhaust

Borg Warner S369SXE turbocharger
GReddy T88H manifold 
RPS Twin Carbon Clutch 
Link G4 Storm or Ecumasters 
Under Pressr Development catch can
Walbro 450 fuel pump
Injector Dynamics 1300cc injectors
Tial Q or Turbosmart 50mm BOV
BC 264 or GSC S1 camshafts 
ETS 4" intercooler/core w/ custom intercooler piping 
Serial nine solid differential bushings
TRD motor mounts 
HKS T51 compressor housing mod
ATI crank pulley
24 valve shims 
Valve stem seals
Gates or HKS timing belt

Brittany Hinz 1993 Toyota Supra TBGLIVE 3


Evolution Auto

Brittany Hinz 1993 Toyota Supra TBGLIVE 11