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Kyle Parker: 1990 Honda CRX Si

Ever since Kyle Parker was taken from his parents at a young age and put into foster care, he has always been into building things to keep his mind from the bad and keep him focused on success. It all started with Legos, moved to clocks, then BMX bikes to dirt bikes until finally, he bought his first Honda CRX at the age of 16. The Fast and Furious series, however, sparked Parker's interest in modifying cars. Prior to owning a 1990 Honda CRX So in 2014,  Parker owned over 15 different CRXs. "There was just something that spiritually connecting me to this car," he mentions, "and when I first got the car it was trashed but I knew I could fix it." 

From scrapyard to published in a magazine, Parker is very appreciative of the help from his closest friends. "I am so thankful for them," he mentions, "this is just the beginning."

Owner: Kyle Parker
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Vehicle: 1990 Honda CRX Si
Horsepower: 200 (estimated)
Club: NvUS Colorado


Facebook: /kyle.parker.12
Instagram: @the_galaxy_crx

Photography by Mark Romero.

04 Kyle Parker 1990 Honda CRX SI PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • B18B1
  • AEM cold air
  • Password:JDM dress up kit
  • Half-mount radiator
  • VMS lightweight pulley
  • Wire-tucked engine bay
  • Polished intake manifold
  • DC Sports header


  • DC Sports

02 Kyle Parker 1990 Honda CRX SI PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • MST M11 wheels - 16x18 +15 offset
  • Federal tires - 195/40R16


  • Hawk drilled and slotted rotors
  • Hawk brake pads
  • Steel braided brake lines 


  • Innovative traction bar
  • BC Racing BR series coilovers
  • Skunk 2 camber kit
  • Blox LCAs
  • Blox rear sway bar

03 Kyle Parker 1990 Honda CRX SI PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • JUN-style EG lip
  • EDM CRX front bumper
  • Custom EK sideskirts
  • F1 Carbon fiber mirrors
  • Vis carbon fiber hood (galaxy wrapped)
  • Amber corner and bumper lights
  • Password:JDM rear tow hook
  • CRX SiR rear hatch lip
  • HIC rear visor
  • HIC door visors 


  • Bride racing seats
  • Bride shift boot
  • Sickspeed 5 panel mirror
  • Viilante Galaxy woodgrain steering wheel
  • VMS quick release
  • NRG slim hub
  • Beer tap shifter
  • Custom cup holder
  • Custom EK armrest
  • Gauge pillars with AEM gauges

05 Kyle Parker 1990 Honda CRX SI PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Pioneer head-unit
  • Pioneer speakers


"My favorite modification would definitely have to be the galaxy hood as it is a head-turner! It's the best feeling ever when people double take something you built."


  • Paint job
  • Turbocharged
  • Honda S2000 AP1 cluster swap 


  • Mishimoto
  • Street Scene Review 


  • Kyle Parker

01 Kyle Parker 1990 Honda CRX SI PASMAG TBGLIVE