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What “the best wheel” means varies depending on the scene in which the wheels are used as well as the sensitivity and needs of the people who select them. However, since wheels directly affect driving quality as functional parts, achieving both “Strength” and “lightweight” at the optimal level is an essential theme in wheel manufacturing. Thus, these two factors serve as indicators for RAYS conception of “the best”. RAYS boldly eliminates identified excesses while maintaining sufficient strength. This shows the advancement of RAYS analysis technologies. Grasping the exact point that satisfies both strength and lightweight can increase design flexibility and offer the best solutions for all diversifying car styles. Proposing special wheels that aim to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (N.V.H.) by applying RAYS cultivated analysis and forging technologies is another guideline for “the best” to lead the industry. Rays also develop and own various patented surface treatment technologies in order to eliminate all compromises in the creation of wheels. As mandatory standards, RAYS apply the JWL+R safety standards, which are stricter than those of JWL. RAYS products have advanced through technical refinement of all elements of our wheels and technologies in various sectors.

Over time, RAYS has developed skills as a trading company and built up a national sales network. Continuing to effectively use this network, RAYS is expanding into the car supplies segment where, as a leading brand, it can use its knowledge, power, and buyer confidence. The same ‘ability to see through to true value’ that enabled the company to flourish in a fiercely competitive market will enable the production of original high-quality products, and the recognition of superior overseas products for import and sale. RAYS already has a system in place to enable a smooth transition to this new business.

No matter what dimension of quality and refined taste a product engenders, as long as RAYS is involved, you can be assured of its safety and reliability. By bringing to Japan only things that are worthy of the ‘By RAYS’ tag, and then supplying them to the world, RAYS strives to be a company that comprehensively supports car users who want to derive full enjoyment from their cars.

  • Since 1973
  • Forged and cast wheel capabilities
  • Made in House, Made in Japan (from design, production, to distribution)
  • Motorsports, OEM, Aftermarket

For more information, visit rayswheels.co.jp.


The Gram Lights sports brand extracts the ultimate performance by pushing the casting process to its limits. Through the employment of cutting-edge wheel theories in the manufacture of its wheels, this brand provides a level of performance that satisfies drivers with a passion for sports and offers unique ideas in terms of innovative designs and finishes.

57FXZ Overseas Model


57CR G2


The VOLK RACING Wheel brand represents the benchmark for forged sport wheels that leverage racing technology.The lightness and strength of VOLK RACING wheels have been attained by applying the latest analytic technologies. Using the clean silhouette and lack of ostentation of its Volk Racing wheels as a weapon, RAYS aims to fit them on all high-performance cars throughout the world.

TE37SL Black Edition III


TE037 6061