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Modify - Tune - Compete - Win

(Deadline to Register is Wednesday, July 31, 2013)

Automotive enthusiasts compete at events on a weekly basis. Not only does it take time, money, motivation and dedication to modify and tune their vehicles, enthusiasts also pour resources into attending, displaying and competing with their vehicles at events. Tuner Battlegrounds is an annual bracket-style tournament facilitated by PASMAG online at www.tunerbattlegrounds.com. Here's the spin - rather than PASMAG staff alone selecting the 'Best of' show winners as judges, the responsibility is shared with the audience (the fans, show-goers, friends and family of the Tuners). With a click of a button or a cell phone text, the audience will be able to vote and choose who they think should win, from one Stage (Round) after another. The Final 2013 Stages will take place LIVE at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV and the winners will be chosen by a simple text2vote system.

In all, Tuner Battlegrounds will have seven total elimination stages. Tuners have a deadline of Wednesday, July 31, 2013 to register their cars and then the elimination stages begin. In the Qualifying Stage, the audience votes to narrow the competitors to 64 Tuners. Stage 1 votes will narrow the competitors to 32, Stage 2 to 16 and Stage 3 to 8. The Final Four Tuners will all be invited to display and compete at the 2013 SEMA show in a dedicated Tuner Battlegrounds booth (Booth #61099) directly in front of the main entrance to the Grand Hall. The Final elimination rounds at SEMA 2013 will pit the Final Four and Final Two Tuners against one another.

Tuner Battlegrounds Final 4 will receive a full feature in a print issue of PASMAG.

The Grand Prize: Champion of Tuner Battlegrounds will receive a cover feature in a print issue of PASMAG.

Additional prizes to be annouced.

Tuner Battlegrounds: LIVE (TBGL) provides regional competing opportunities for event promoters and competitors. Tuners that wish to particpate in TBGL must first be pre-registered to compete in the TBGL affiliated event. Online voting takes place the week leading up to the TBGL affiliated event to narrow the final competitors to 2. At the acutal event, the 2 Finalists battle head-to-head by encouraging their supporters to text their vote (short code) to a competitor-dedicated telephone number. A one vote per cell phone limit applies and ensures that the vehicle with the most true supporters wins.

How to advance to the next Stage? When the Battle Stages begin, Tuners must obtain votes* at www.tunerbattlegrounds.com. Rather than PASMAG's internal staff acting as judges to select the winners, that responsibility will fall in the hands of the audience (the fans, show-goers and friends and family of the competing Tuners). With a click of a button, the audience will be able to vote and choose their winners, one Stage after another. At the end of each Stage, the Tuner with the highest number of votes will advance to the next Stage.

FINAL STAGE: The Top 2 Tuners will battle against each other on-site at the event by gathering votes via text. A text2vote telephone number and voting short code will be assigned to the Top 2 Tuners to gather votes. The Tuner with the highest total quantity of votes at the end of the Stage will be announced as the Winner of Tuner Battlegrounds "Live" presented by PASMAG. Winner will be announced at the event's Award Ceremony and on PASMAG's social networks.

*During the Elimination Stages, voters are limited to one (1) vote per Facebook account of the posted Selected Competitors per Stage. In the Final Stage, voters are limited to one (1) vote per telephone number of the posted Finalists

Tuner Battlegrounds "LIVE" (TBGL) winners receive a mini-feature in a print issue of PASMAG.