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 Modify - Tune - Compete - Win
Automotive enthusiasts compete at events on a weekly basis. Not only does it take time, money, motivation and dedication to modify and tune their vehicles, enthusiasts also pour resources into attending, displaying and competing with their vehicles at events. Tuner Battlegrounds is an annual bracket-style tournament facilitated by PASMAG online at Here's the spin - rather than PASMAG staff alone selecting the 'Best of' show winners as judges, the responsibility is shared with the audience (the fans, show-goers, friends and family of the competitors). With a click of a button or a text from a cell phone, the audience will be able to vote and choose who they think should win, from one Stage (Round) after another.

2015 Tuner Battlegrounds: LIVE (#TBGLIVE) Battles provide regional competing opportunities for event promoters and competitors. Competitors that wish to participate in #TBGLIVE must first be pre-registered to compete in the #TBGLIVE affiliated events. Online voting takes place the week leading up to the #TBGLIVE affiliated event to narrow the final competitors to two. At the actual event, the two Finalists battle head-to-head by encouraging their supporters to text their vote (short code) to a competitor-dedicated telephone number. A one vote per cell phone limit applies and ensures that the vehicle with the most true supporters wins.

Tuner Battlegrounds: LIVE Battle winners receive a PASMAG mini-feature in print.


Registered competitors of the 2015 Tuner Battlegrounds: Championship Battle are entered in the Round Robin (Qualifying Round) where the Top 64 competitors with the most points enter the bracket portion of the competition. Weekly match-ups narrow the competitors down to two in early November. An Exclusive VIP SEMA Experience is provided to the Top 2 competitors in the Final Stage (package includes flight, hotel, vehicle shipping and entry to the SEMA Show). In the Final Stage, the Top 2 competitors, along with their vehicles displayed, compete head-to-head at the SEMA Show in the PASMAG booth in the Central; Racing & Performance Hall (Booth# 20125). On-site, supporters can text their vote by a simple text2vote system and the winner is announced on Day 4 of the SEMA Show.
The Grand Prize: Winner of the 2015 Tuner Battlegrounds: Championship Battle will receive a PASMAG cover feature.

2015 Tuner Battlegrounds: Champion Battle Schedule
(subject to change)

Registration Deadline: TBA
Qualification Round: TBA
Stage 1 (Top 64): TBA
Stage 2 (Top 32): TBA
Stage 3 (Top 16): TBA
Stage 4 (Top 8): TBA
Stage 5 (Top 4): TBA
Stage 6 (Top 2): November 3-6, 2015

Top 2 competitors of the 2015 Tuner Battlegrounds: Champion Battle will receive:
*PASMAG feature in print.

Winner of the 2015 Tuner Battlegrounds: Champion Battle will receive:
*PASMAG cover feature in print.

Additional prizes to be announced.