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Event Affiliations

Tuner Battlegrounds - Logo final

Tuner Battlegrounds: LIVE (TBGL) Invitational provides regional competing opportunities for event promoters and competitors. Tuners that wish to participate in TBGL must first advance-register to compete in the TBGL affiliated event. Online voting takes place the week leading up to the TBGL affiliated event to narrow the final competitors to two (2). At the actual event, the 2 finalists battle head-to-head by encouraging their supporters to text their vote to a dedicated short code number. A one vote per cell phone limit applies and ensures that the vehicle with the most true-supporters wins.

For 2015, TBGL will take place at over a dozen events spread out across North America. The main Tuner Battlegrounds competition, Battle for SEMA, begins Fall 2015.

Tuner Battlegrounds: LIVE Invitational winners receive a PASMAG mini-feature in print.