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La Bouakham

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Owner: La Bouakham
Location: Phoenix, AZ. USA
Vehicle: 1995 Nissan 240sx
Website: Facebook

There's nothing ordinary to La Bouakham! She has a thing for fast, modified cars; it gives her a good adrenaline rush whether it's going sideways on the track or going at high speeds on the highway. But, she too, had a vision to build a 1995 Nissan S14 240sx street car. One that was owned by a chick!

Photos By: Street Sweeper Gang, Mike Valera

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It all began when La Bouakham had met some friends who were into drifting. She was inspired by Forrest Wang's Nissan 240sx build. The vision was to build a chick's street car that not only looked bad ass but could also perform. At the end of 2009, she picked up a stock Nissan 240sx. The project began late March of 2010. During the process of the build, there were a lot of challenges. She also moved 3 times and this increased the time of the build. It was quite intimidating to finish as this entire car was garage built at home, except fot the body work. By early 2012, the build was 80% completed and cruising on the streets. It was definitely worth the wait! The goal was to "always begin with an end in mind."

La Bouakham looks forward to upgrading mores parts in this project car, but as you know... project cars are never complete with on-going mods!

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1JZ Engine Swap
Stock Twin Turbo

5 lug conversion
Work Meister S1 BKB 18x9.5 -14 18x11 -8


Dmax Type 3 Kit
20MM Front Fender
40MM Rear Over Fender
Dmax D1 Spec Carbon Fiber Hood
Kouki Front End Conversion
300zx Front & Rear Brakes
Toyota Supra RSP Paint


Sparco Evo seats
Prosport Gauges


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