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Ronan Castillo: 2013 Nissan GT-R

Ronan Castillo's dream car had been the Nissan GT-R for a long time, so when the opporunity presented itself, he pulled the trigger on Godzilla. Since taking ownership of the iconic Japanese supercar-killer, he has focused on transforming the car's overall look and feel with a plethora of modifications and a healthy dose of carbon fiber.

Owner: Ronan Castillo
Location: Hayward, CA
Vehicle: 2013 Nissan GT-R
Horsepower: 545 whp
Club: N/A

Facebook: Ronan Castillo
Instagram: @rcr35

Written by Adam Gordon.
Photography by Steven Thompson Photography, Jacob Fisher, Jeruel Banez.

Ronan Castillo 2013 Nissan GTR TBGLIVE1

Overtake 100-V Saikou muffler by Power House Amuse
Titanium valvetronic exhaust

Cobb Accessport V3

Volk TE37 wheels - 20x10.5 +25 (f), 20x12 +20 (r)
Toyo R888 tires - 285/35/20 (f), 315/30/20 (r)

Ronan Castillo 2013 Nissan GTR TBGLIVE3

KW HAS suspension

Overtake front face kit
Overtake carbon racing bonnet
Overtake carbon front fender set
Overtake carbon front fender side vent
Overtake carbon A-pillar setcarbon side skirt set
Overtake carbon side skirt set
Overtake carbon roof
Overtake carbon rear fender set
Overtake carbon trunk hood
Overtake carbon rear bumper
Overtake carbon rear under spoiler
Overtake GT-R emblem
Overtake GT-R emblem
Overtake carbon fiber doors
Overtake STTI titan logo plate
Esprit 052-W WTAC dry carbon wing 1850mm
GT-RR front clear winker with white LED and amber LED switchback
Tommy Kaira-Rowen LED rear marker clear version
GT-RR carbon fiber door handles
GT-RR exterior door handle surround
Power house Amuse titanium lug nuts
Kansai Service front tow hook
Custom cut paint protection film by SUNTEK installed by GOWRAPS
NISSAN OEM 2015 USDM tail lights
NISSAN carbon fiber front fender emblem
Passport 9500ci

Ronan Castillo 2013 Nissan GTR TBGLIVE4

Blue LED dome lights

Bulletproof Custom seats in Charcoal gray alcantara with blue stitching accent and bentley style diamond stitching in the center pads
Bulletproof Custom rear seats in alcantara with same matching stitching and details
Bulletproof Custom alcantara front door panels with matching blue stitching details
Bulletproof Custom alcantara headliner with blue stitch detail
Bulletproof Alcantara center console side panel
Bulletproof Custom carbon fiber and alcantara steering wheel with blue stitch
Bulletproof Carbon fiber steering wheel switch plate
Bulletproof carbon fiber Shifter Console
Bulletproof Custom shift knob with carbon fiber and matching alcantara and blue stitch
Bulletproof Custom parking brake with carbon fiber top, carbon fiber button and side panels in alcantara with blue stitch
Bulletproof Alcantara Parking Brake Boot
Bulletproof carbon fiber navigation surround bezel
Bulletproof carbon fiber shifter gate surround
Bulletproof carbon fiber door handle pulls (interior)
Bulletproof carbon fiber map light
Bulletproof carbon fiber subwoofer face plate
Bulletproof carbon fiber paddle shifters
Bulletproof carbon fiber front cup holder surround
Bulletproof carbon fiber AC Vent Rings (set of 4)
Bulletproof carbon fiber window switch covers
Bulletproof custom blue seat belts (front and rear) to match the blue accents
Dynamat interior

Full carbon fiber body

Alpha 7

Bulletproof Automotive

Bulletproof Automotive

Ronan Castillo 2013 Nissan GTR TBGLIVE2