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Tuner Battlegrounds Events

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Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE provides regional competing opportunities for event promoters and competitors. Competitors who wish to participate in #TBGLIVE must first be pre/advance registered to compete in the #TBGLIVE affiliated event(s). Online voting takes place on tunerbattlegrounds.com with a Facebook account the week leading to the #TBGLIVE affiliated event, narrowing the final competitors to two (2). On-site (at the event), the two finalists battle head-to-head by encouraging event attendees and their supporters to vote on tunerbattlegrounds.com with a Facebook account. The winner of the #TBGLIVE competition receives an exclusive feature in a print edition of PASMAG. The standings, results and winners will be updated at the Standings page.

For 2022, #TBGLIVE will take place at over 2 (two) dozen events spread out across North America. Competitors have the opportunity to earn points for the Tuner Battlegrounds Championship tournament bracket.


Tuner Battlegrounds 10 #TBGLIVE Events
Tuner Battlegrounds 9 #TBGLIVE Events

Tuner Battlegrounds 8 #TBGLIVE Events

Tuner Battlegrounds 7 #TBGLIVE Events

Tuner Battlegrounds 6 #TBGLIVE Events

Tuner Battlegrounds 5 #TBGLIVE Events
Tuner Battlegrounds 4 #TBGLIVE Events
Tuner Battlegrounds 3 #TBGLIVE Events
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