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Isaac Rodrigues: 2011 Volkswagen GTI

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Isaac Rodrigues has always been into cars, but really began modifying things in high school. In 11th grade, he purchased a 2011 Volkswagen GTI, and began planning. In his first year of college, Rodrigues began modifying the car, inspired and informed by his friends in the car community. 

Owner: Isaac Rodrigues
Location: Markham, ON
Vehicle: 2011 Volkswagen GTI
Horsepower: 220 (estimated)
Club: NorthSideWhips

Facebook: Isaac Rodrigues
Instagram: @a_magical_lobster

Photography by Isaac Rodrigues.

Isaac Rodrigues 2011 Volkswagen GTI TBGLIVE3

Forge BOV
APR Stage 1 + 2 carbon fiber intake

Muffler + resonator delete
Magnaflow Y-pipe

Audi S4 OEM wheels - 19x8.5 +45 (f/r)
Falken tires - 225/35/19

Isaac Rodrigues 2011 Volkswagen GTI TBGLIVE4

Air Lift Performance V2 air suspension kit

ECS tuning carbon fiber fang lip
Autobrahn notchless hoodbra
Tinted golf r tail lights
Smoked side markers
JOM badgeless grill

Isaac Rodrigues 2011 Volkswagen GTI TBGLIVE5

LED interior lights
Golf R LED tail lights

Alcantara shift boot

"Bags are hands down my favourite modification that you can do on a car. you can go as low as possible and also not have to deal with scraping everywhere. You also get a nice ride quality on bags!"


"I wanna do more interior and motor modifications in the future and also some exterior. Here is my list in order :

1) 3 piece wheels - My dream wheels is WCI CC10, As of right now im aiming for those wheels or maybe some old jdm wheels. I wanna try multiple wheels as well to help others see what different wheels would look on a mk6 gti.

2)Golf R side skirts and side skirts underneath - The golf r side skirt will be colour matched to united grey. i also want a small side skirt under it just to add a little bit more low!

3) Front seats - I have a couple ideas on what brand i want to go with for my front seats. I may go with an Audi seat from maybe an s4 or i may go with a custom seat made by braum seats.

4) Maxton Design rear diffuser - I love the look of the MK6 GTI diffuser but I always felt like there is something missing.

5) VW Touareg Angular-Oval Exhaust Tips - These exhaust tips fit perfectly inside of the rear diffuser of the mk6 gti. I have seen them before on a gti and they look amazing and flow so nice.

6) New paint job - I wanna get a brand new paint job on my car. I was thinking of a beige or a blue possibly. All i know is that when i do paint the car its gonna be super sparkly!

7) custom interior - I wanna do my won interior, most people think of diamond stitch and fancy interiors but i want it to be simple and not over the top. Im gonna replace some of the cloth in the interior with a floral cloth. i wanna have a beach boy kinda vibe with my interior!

8) motor and drive train swap - I have always wanted to do something crazy with this car, something no one would ever do....drop a 13b 2 rotor motor with a big turbo into a GTI and make it RWD. Crazy right? well I have always loved rotaries and some day I will own my dream car, a Mazda RX7 FD."

Air Assisted

Isaac Rodrigues 2011 Volkswagen GTI TBGLIVE1