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Duc Trinh: 2005 Lotus Elise

Duc Trinh was involved in the car scene ever since high school. He purchase a 2005 Lotus Elise 111R in 2015 in Kentucky and drove 7 hours back home. 3 months after purchasing his dream car, Trinh got laid off from work and had to put the project on hold. "It was not long until we started modify the Lotus," mentions Trinh, "so far, everything on the Lotus was installed by me and in my own garage."

Trinh learned so much from this car. "During the time I installed my rear fender flares, I drilled into the oil line! The Lotus comes with two front-mount oil coolers and the oil line ran down from the side of the car," remembers Trinh. "It was a sad day but on the positive side, it gave me an excuse to upgrade!" The following day, Trinh ended up ordering a rear-mount oil cooler kit.

Trinh is a person that likes to be different; he's the first person with the Win Ace fender flare on a Lotus Elise in the U.S.

"The Lotus has been a show car for over 4 years now," mentions Trinh, "and this year is the first year we got her on the track!"

Owner: Duc Trinh
Location: Bolingbrook, IL
Vehicle: 2005 Lotus Elise
Horsepower: 190 whp (estimated)
Club: Team IC


Facebook: /duckyduc
Instagram: @ducky_111r

Photography by @lambr00, Josh Mezel, @mediabyjm, @siryenko.

03 Duc Trinh 2005 Lotus Elise PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Mocal Laminar Flow Oil to Water Heat Exchangers
  • Oil Catch Can

09 Duc Trinh 2005 Lotus Elise PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Larini Stage 2 Exhaust
  • Larini Race De-Cat Pipe
  • Weapon-R Cel Eliminator


  • ACT Street Clutch

05 Duc Trinh 2005 Lotus Elise PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • SSR SP1 3pc Wheels - 17x8.5 +30 (f), 17x10.5 +6 (r)
  • Federal 595 RS-RR Tires - 215/40/17 (f), 255/40/17 (r)
  • 42 Draft Designs 4x100 to 5x114.3 18mm Conversion Adaptors
  • Gold DNA Lug Nuts
  • SSR GT Aluminum Valve Stem Caps


  • DBA 5000 Series Two Piece Slotted Rotors (f)
  • DBA Street Series Rear One Piece Slotted Rotors (r)
  • Hawk Street Brake Pads (f/r)

07 Duc Trinh 2005 Lotus Elise PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • BC Racing 32 Way Damper Coilovers

04 Duc Trinh 2005 Lotus Elise PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Carbon Fiber APR GTC 200 Wing with Trunk Brace
  • Carbon Fiber APR Canards
  • Carbon Fiber Magical Racing Mirrors
  • Carbon Fiber GRP Side Scoop
  • Trans Forged V2 Mirror Mounts
  • Fiberglass Hardtop
  • VIS Carbon Fiber Front Lip
  • Elise Cup-R Side Aero
  • Win Ace Wide body
  • Custom Black/Chrome Lotus Nose Emblem
  • Custom Aluminum Water Jet Cut Rear Engine Lid Trim with Welded On Mesh Grills


  • Optix 55W 6000k HID

01 Duc Trinh 2005 Lotus Elise PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • MOMO Competition Evo 320mm steering wheel
  • NRG Short Hub Adapter
  • Custom Diamond Stitched Door Panels
  • Custom black Suede Headliner
  • Sector 111 Cup Holder
  • Sector 111 Aluminum Carpet Buttons
  • Sector 111 5 Point Driver Seat
  • Sector 111 4 Point Passenger Seat
  • Sector 111 Harness Bar
  • Takata 6 Point Cam Lock Harness (driver)
  • Takata 4 Point Cam Lock Harness (passenger)
  • Password JDM Blue Door Panel Washer


  • JVC Head Unit
  • Blaupunkt Dash Speakers
  • Blaupunkt Rear Speakers

06 Duc Trinh 2005 Lotus Elise PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Win Ace Fender Flare


  • GT3 Front Clam
  • Turbo 


  • Duc Trinh
  • Tuan (friend)

02 Duc Trinh 2005 Lotus Elise PASMAG TBGLIVE