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Luke Romin: 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 GT

Luke Romin first got involved in the car scene when he was 16 years old. "My love for the car scene came about when I was a bit younger," remembers Romin. "My pops would tell me stories about back in his day." Growing up, Romin had a few neighbors whom had drag cars they would start up and drive around the neighborhood from time to time. "We watched them at the drag strip," mentions Romin.

He started an apprenticeship for wrenching a little before turning 19 and started saving up for a newer car. As his vehicle at the time had broken down, he only had his motorcycle to get around on, rain or shine. "I started looking online for a Suburu and Evo, but being young, my insurance decided otherwise." That's where he came across it, a Mazdaspeed 3. "I had no idea what it even was at the time, so I started doing some digging and researched it as much as possible."

A little later in the year, after months of saving and searching, Romin found the one. "I waited until a Saturday when I was off work and went out to pick up my Speed 3 from the AutoBarn in Evanston."

As it was his first turbo car, naturally Romin began to look up performance parts. He started with "oh, just an intake won't hurt". Then the addiction just got worse (in a good way)! Then came the "ahhh a HPFP, Accessport, the rest of the bolt-ons and e30-time won't hurt. Nooo!". All the way until he blew the motor. Instead of getting rid of it, Romin decided to rebuild [it] and focus his energy into [it] to clear his head from everything going on in life. "So then in need of a storage space for it, I sold off my FC RX-7, which I slightly regret," states Romin, "but it's too late to go back now."

Romin purchased a 2012 motor with a built bottom-end, Precision turbo, tubular manifold and all of the other goodies. "I spent a few over nights at work installing everything to get it all in the car." With a hand from his buddies, Steve, Ryan, Carl and Mike (here and there), the Mazdaspeed 3 came back to life "better than ever". After they got it going, Romin had this urge to give the car a more aggressive look. "After searching for the style of hood I was after, there was nothing. So I redid the hood myself at work on a slow day and added more to the body over time." It took a long time to get it to where it's at now, but Romin suggests that it's finally there.

"Coming from my first car being a 1992 Camaro RS, this thing is way better," states Romin. This is something he never thought he'd say about a Mazda either. With his Mazdaspeed 3 being what it is today, driving in the snow was no longer an option. So, last summer he picked up a Mazdaspeed 6 with an upgraded turbo and bolt-ons for a daily. "I don't know what possessed me to stick with Mazda, but I'm happy and can't really complain. Zoom Zoom."

Owner: Luke Romin
Location: Lake in the Hills, IL
Vehicle: 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 GT
Horsepower: 360-370 (estimated)

Facebook: Luke Romin
Instagram: @theduke1820

Photography by Like Romin.

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  • Manley H+ Rods
  • Manley 87.5mm pistons
  • Pte 6266
  • DCR tubular manifold
  • Corksport Injector seals
  • HTP 4"intake
  • Turbosmart Raceport BOV
  • Turbosmart 40mm external waste gate
  • Damond motor, trans and rear motor mounts
  • Damond PCV plate
  • Damond EGR delete
  • Damond Focus ST manifold conversion kit
  • Damond dual catch cans Grimmspeed EBCS
  • Bosch 3 Bar Map
  • Autotech HPFP
  • Treadstone Tr10 intercooler with custom piping
  • Devils own methanol kit (still working the 93 tune, then cranking up the power with the methanol tune)


  • Custom 3" downpipe
  • EWG hood dump
  • Corksport 3" cat-back exhaust

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  • Cobb Accessport with tune By Justin Brasil at Freektune


  • DSS stage 2 axles
  • ACT 6-puck clutch


  • Enkei TS-10 wheels - 18x8.5 +35 (f/r)


  • Stoptech slotted rotors
  • Hawk red pads

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  • BC coilovers
  • Whiteline front and rear sway bars
  • GT Spec mid chassis brace
  • Whiteline upgraded lower control arm bushings


  • Custom vented hood
  • Custom front lip/Splitter
  • Custom wing extension
  • BattleAero Spoiler
  • Project Motorsports rear diffuser
  • Project Motorsports side skirt lip kit
  • NRG Canards

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  • Factory GT seats
  • Sparco 4-point harnesses
  • Stripped rear interior
  • Custom gold painted trim


"The Hood. Being able to have a vision in my head and and making it come to life after it not being already available. It really brings the more aggressive look together."


  • Port injection system


  • Hitch Automotive
  • Carl Fava (fabrication)

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