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Adam Forte: 2017 Toyota 86

Adam Forte started modifying the 2017 Toyota 86 in 2018. 

He got involved in the car scene this 2019 because he loves looking and admiring cars, and learning how they get modified. "

I bought my vehicle new so I could start fresh on a build," mentions Forte, "I try to do (mostly) everything I can myself." He started off with lowering 'the hell out of it' on a set of FAST Kimura wheels. He then proceeded with c
arbon-fiber wrapping the trunk and hood himself. "I got the Leg Sport duckbill spoiler and (also) hydro-dipped it in carbon," mentions Forte. The roof of his 86 was then wrapped in matte black and the i
Interior trim was wrapped in carbon and gold. Additionally, the muffler was deleted to give Forte the sound he was looking for.

Owner: Adam Forte
Location: Cambridge, ON
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota 86
Horsepower: 205
Club: Tooreal


Facebook: /adam1forte
Instagram: @86__adam

Photography by @chrisscaptures, @basisvisuals, @spokephotos@soperior.photos@misfitsmedia_.

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  • Straight pipe
  • Muffler delete

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  • FAST Kimura wheels

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  • HSD Monopro coilovers

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  • Pearl white paint
  • Carbon fiber wrapped accents
  • Funny stickers

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  • LED interior lights

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  • Carbon fiber wrapped interior trim
  • Gold paint
  • Gold shifter knob and boot
  • Sparco head rests


  • 12-inch Kenwood subwoofers (2)
  • Kenwood 800watt amplifier

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"HsdmonoPro coilovers - they’re so reliable and have everything you can ask for from all around dampening, front camber plates and easily adjustable collars that can get you lower than a lot of other coils. The 'low life' has it’s ups and downs but I’ll always love being slammed."


  • 18” 3-piece wheels
  • Tomei catless header
  • Invidia N1 front pipe
  • Invidia catback
  • Open Flash drive tune
  • Carbon trunk
  • Carbon hood

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