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Jonny Couture: 1991 Honda CR-X

Jonny Couture has been into the car scene for as long as he could remember. When he was younger, his dad used to take him to the Barrett-Jackson auction for his birthday. "I was into American Muscle," mentions Couture, "and my first car was a 1966 Ford Mustang." He would lose to all of my friends (on the street) with their Hondas, and at the time he hated import cars. "After getting beaten, I got talked into getting rid of the Mustang for an import," remembers Couture.

The first import car that Couture built was a 2001 Acura Integra with a JDM B18C motor, boosted on 18 llbs and made 606 hp. "It was love at first drive," states Couture. "I started adding more bolt-ons, and eventually started beating V6/V8 powered cars with my 4-cylinder."

To this day, he and his father disagree over which car is better.

Couture has owned his current build, a 1991 Honda CR-X, for over a very long time. It was completely stock when he received it. While cleaning the CR-X, Couture debated and planned on the many different ways to built it. "I decided to go with K series (motor)," mentions Couture, "at the time, very few people had done it." He went full-force and went legit parts.

"My son inspires me for this build," states Couture, "and will be passed down to him when he is older."

Owner: Jonny Couture
Location: Youngtown, AZ
Vehicle: 1991 Honda CR-X
Horsepower: n/a
Club: NvUS


Facebook: /jonny.adam.522
Instagram: @nvus.sexy.rexy
Video: YouTube

Photography by @shphotosfam_page.

01 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE


  • K20 block board out to K24
  • Darton sleeves
  • Wiesco pistons
  • Hanley rods
  • Forged Eagle crankshaft
  • Spoon girdle
  • K20A head
  • Fererra valve train
  • Stage 3 cams
  • 58mm TWM individual throttle bodies, custom painted
  • Downstar hardware bolt kit
  • K-Tuned fuel kit
  • Rewire custom harness
  • Skunk2 timing cover
  • Woodgrain hydro-dipped valve cover

05 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE


  • Skunk2 cat-back exhaust
  • K-Tuned downface muffler

02 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE


  • Hondata Kroll v4 with bluetooth capabilities
  • KPRO v4

11 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE


  • K24 6-speed lsd transmission
  • K-Tuned Pro shifter
  • K-Tuned Pro shift cables
  • Hasport stage 3 axles

12 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE


  • Regamaster Evo wheels
  • Faken tires


  • Wilwood big brake kit (f)
  • Wilwood master cylinder
  • Hush Performance booster delete
  • Disc brakes (r)
  • R1 Concept pads and rotors


  • KSport coilovers
  • Custom made 3-peice strut bar
  • Skunk2 upper control arms
  • Skunk2 camber kit (r)
  • Skunk2 Phi Fifty bar
  • Skunk2 lower control arms (r)
  • Downstar suspension bolt kit

13 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE


  • Seibon carbon fiber fenders
  • Seibon hood
  • Seibon rear trunk hatch
  • Custom made carbon fiber rear hatch visor and door visors
  • Custom made carbon windshield coil with wiper delete
  • Carbon 3D wrapped roof
  • Custom cream/white paint with blue pearl


  • Aux beam LED headlights
  • JDM OEM Stanley fog lights
  • EDM rear taillights

03 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE


  • Custom carpet (1 of a kind)
  • Bride interior - JDM rear seat conversion wrapped in Bride gradation, headliner wrapped Bride
  • Custom digital clock
  • Honda S2000 push start
  • Honda S2000 cluster swap
  • Carbon fiber center console
  • Mugen pedal kit
  • Custom designed door panels
  • Carbon fiber glove box
  • Carbon rear speaker covers
  • JDM carbon fiber armest wrapped in Bride gradation
  • Royal steering wheel
  • NRG quick release and lock
  • NRG e-brake handle

06 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE


"The carpet for sure! It's the play carpet from when you were a little kid playing with cars on the roads. The hydro-dipped valve cover is another one of my favorites."


  • Air suspension

14 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE


  • Stage Motorsports
  • Klutch Wheels
  • Password:JDM
  • Top Ups
  • Wish
  • Downstar

15 Jonny Couture 1992 Honda CRX PASMAG TBLIVE