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Erick Poussart: 1995 Honda Civic Si

Erick Poussart bought the 1995 Civic Si Coupe new the year it came out with only one idea in mind - car audio - his first love. "After 5 years in the IASCA circuit, I retired from car audio competition and began this project," mentions Poussart. Through out the years, the Civic has seen numerous transformations and modifications. This latest build is name "onecrazy95civic" and was started in 2000. "The build was designed by myself," states Poussart, "and it was done mostly in my garage by myself and with the help of Chris Nankoo, Sébastien Bisson, Mr. Demers, Yanick Couillard and Bruno Blouin from Placage Royale." Poussart never thought that 19 years later he would still be working on the project.

On numerous aspects this is an old school build using vintage cars' build ideas and mixing it with the present technology. A lot of custom work was done on this project, and Poussart to enumerate and sum the entire list would take quite some time.

"I compete in the Custom Class at ISCA," mentions Poussart, " and in my last season with the Civic, I placed fourth at the ISCA Finals in Chicago! It was the first tuner to do so, in addition to Class Champion!"

For his next season, the Civic will see some more modifications and he aims to win it at the next ISCA Finals, or at least Top 3.

Owner: Erick Poussart
Location: Fossambault-sur-le-Lac, QC
Vehicle: 1995 Honda Civic Si
Horsepower: n/a
Club: n/a


Facebook: /Onecrazy95civic
Instagram: @onecrazy95civic

Photography by Mélanie Blais Photographe.

00 Erick Poussart 1995 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Original engine 1.6L VTEC SOHC (70 000 km)
  • AEM Adjustable Pressure Regulator
  • AEM Hi-Flow Fuel Rail
  • BBK 62mm Throttle Body
  • BWR Adjustable Cam Gear
  • Chase Bays Coolant Overflow Reservoir
  • Chase Bays Dual Fan Relay Wiring Harness w/180º F Thermoswitch
  • Chase Bays Fuel Line Kit
  • Chase Bays Tucked Aluminum Radiator
  • Chase Bays Tucked Engine Harness w/Mil Spec Firewall Connector
  • Custom Chrome Radiator Shroud
  • DC Sports Header System
  • HASPORT Engine Mounts (custom chrome)
  • Hybrid Racing Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • K-Tuned Valve Cover Breather Filter
  • K-Tuned Velocity Stack Combo (custom chrome)
  • Jackson Racing Boost Upgrade Kit
  • Jackson Racing High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Jackson Racing Supercharger System
  • MSD Street Fire Wire
  • PERMA-COOL 1450 CFM 10" Fan x2
  • Phoenix Gold AN124 Alternator (custom chrome)
  • SpeedFactory Racing Custom Filler Neck & Thermostat Housing w/AN16 Fitting
  • K-Tuned Quick Release Hood Hinges (custom chrome)
  • Shaved & Tucked Engine Bay
  • SICKSPEED Billet Aluminum 10mm Bolts

06 Erick Poussart 1995 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • SKUNK2 Racing Mega Power Custom Dual Exhaust (custom chrome)


  • AutoMeter Gauges Lunar Series


  • Chase Bays Clutch Line
  • Chase Bays Power Steering Delete Kit
  • K-Tuned CNC Clutch Master Cylinder Reservoir (custom chrome)
  • K-Tuned Slave Cylinder (custom chrome)

03 Erick Poussart 1995 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • DAI Autobahn Wheels - 18x8
  • Nitto Neo Gen Tires - 215/35ZR18
  • SICKSPEED Chrome Spike Nuts


  • Chase Bays Brake Boost Eliminator (custom chrome)
  • Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation Kit (f/r)
  • JDM Acura Type R Brake Conversion Kit (f/r)
  • Wilwood 6 Pistons Brake (f/r; custom chrome)


  • BWR 3 Point Front Strut Bar
  • BWR Billet Lower Control Arm (custom chrome)
  • BWR Full Coilovers (custom chrome)
  • BWR Rear Subframe Brace (custom chrome)
  • BWR Rear Tie Bar (custom chrome)
  • Shaved and chrome rear trailing arms
  • K-Tuned Adjustable Rear Camber Kit (custom chrome)
  • K-Tuned Pro Series Traction Bar (custom chrome)
  • K-Tuned Rear Toe Adjustable Kit (custom chrome)
  • K-Tuned Trailing Spherical Arm Bushing
  • SKUNK2 Racing Front Pro Camber Kit (custom chrome)

05 Erick Poussart 1995 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • 2000 Acura Integra Taillights Conversion
  • 2000 Honda Accord Headlights Conversion
  • APR Formula GT3 Carbon Fiber Mirrors
  • BUELL Motorcycle Racing Fuel Cap
  • Custom Extended Trunk Lid
  • Custom Front Fenders
  • Custom Hood w/Carbon Fiber Insert
  • Custom NSX Style Vents
  • Motorized Trunk Lid
  • SEM Candy Mandarin 03086
  • Shaved Handles, Moldings & Roof Tracks
  • Hood Gas Strut
  • BWR Tow Hook (r)

10 Erick Poussart 1995 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Orange LED

07 Erick Poussart 1995 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Custom Interior
  • JDM RECARO Civic Type R DC2 Racing Seats
  • K-Tuned B/D Shifter - Circuit X
  • MOMO Race Airleather Shift Knob
  • MOMO Racing Pedals
  • MOMO Steering Wheel Eagle 350
  • Motorized Amplifier Rack
  • Motorized AutoMeter Gauge Pod
  • Motorized Sony PS3

08 Erick Poussart 1995 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Alpine PKG-1000P LCD Monitor (3)
  • Alpine TME-750a LCD Monitor (5)
  • Audisson Bit One
  • Apple iPad
  • OeeZee Wi-Fi
  • Philips LED 32'' TV
  • Phoenix Gold Limited Edition REACTOR Amplifier (3)
  • Phoenix Gold MBG130 Multi-Battery Isolator
  • Phoenix Gold Ti EQ30 (2)
  • Phoenix Gold Ti Basscube
  • Phoenix Gold Ti RDDP/SDT Kit (6)
  • Phoenix Gold Ti POWERCORE 15 Farad
  • Phoenix Gold TiDD10
  • Phoenix Gold TiZBB12 (4)
  • Phoenix Gold TiZBD62
  • Phoenix Gold Ti 9m Elite Mid-Bass Driver (2)
  • Phoenix Gold Ti 5 Elite Component System (4)
  • Phoenix Gold Ti15D Subwoofer (2)
  • Phoenix Gold TLD66
  • Phoenix Gold TMC.901K (-) Battery Clamp (2)
  • Phoenix Gold TMC.902K (+) Battery Clamp (2)
  • Phoenix Gold ZWF500 (4)
  • Sony PS3
  • Blue Sea m-Series Mini Battery Selector
  • Blue Sea m-Series Mini On-Off Battery Switch (2)
  • Optima D51R Yellow Top (car)
  • Optima D31A Yellow Top (stereo)
  • Power Supply
  • StreetRays D31A Battery Relocation Mount
  • TSR D51R Battery Relocation Kit

09 Erick Poussart 1995 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


"The motorization of the dash because it's unique."


  • Undercarriage (Phase 2)


  • Placage Royal Québec


  • Chris Nankoo
  • Placage Royal Québec - Yanick Couillard
  • Carosserie Demers - Mr. Claude Demers
  • Sébastien Bisson

04 Erick Poussart 1995 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE